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Synagogue, Mikvah, School, Camp, Restaurant, Cemetery

Synagogues and Minyanim

Synagogues Worldwide--2300 synagogues around the globe.

Synagogues Worldwide-- a listing from the search engine Maven.

The Orthodox Synagogue Network--Sponsored by the OU.

Go Daven--Worldwide orthodox minyan database.

Mincha Directory for the tristate area and upstate New York.

Mikvahs and Eruvim

World Wide Mikvah List--From the United Kashrut Authority.

World Wide Mikvah List--From the OU.

Eruvim Worldwide


Torah Education Network--Links to schools in the U.S., Canada, and Israel.


Directory of Jewish Camps


Shamash Kosher Restaurant Database--The oldest and the biggest.

Kosher Delight--Links to restaurants in every state.

Kosher Restaurants Worldwide

Israeli Kosher Restaurants


Cemeteries in New York--Information and driving directions to 135 area cemeteries.