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Bialystoker Synagogue Shabbos Announcements
Shabbos Parshas Vaera
January 15th - 22ndh 2021
2nd - 9th Shevat 5781

Please note that full masks (covering mouth and nose) and social distancing are required at all Minyanim.

Candles: 4:36 PM
Mincha-Kabbalas Shabbos-Maariv: 4:41 PM

Shabbos Day
Shacharis: 7:00 & 9:00 AM
Mincha: 2:00, 4:05 & 4:35 PM
Maariv & Shabbos Ends: 5:45 PM

Rav's Message

Dear Friends,

I was privileged this week to receive the first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. (I am eligible as a teacher at Yeshiva University.) The procedure was painless; I had a slight soreness in my arm which I barely noticed and which disappeared entirely after about a day. I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and urge everyone who is eligible to receive a vaccine. (Please consult with your doctor if you have any specific questions.)

Anyone 65 and older is eligible to receive the vaccine in New York State. The registration process is somewhat chaotic at present. Our United Jewish Council is stepping in to help. They have set up a Covid Vaccine Hotline at 646 759 9805 and a website -- -- to help people with making appointments. If you know someone who can benefit from this service, please pass along the information. The UJC is also looking for volunteers to help seniors negotiate this process; you can volunteer by emailing

On a different note, it has come to my attention that Israeli peppers are available for purchase at Fine Fare. Purchasing Israeli produce is a wonderful opportunity to support the Israeli economy. We need to be aware of the need to separate Terumos and Maasros (tithes) from the produce before eating it. Here is how to do that, courtesy of the Orthodox Union:

  1. Place all of the produce in front of you.
  2. Remove slightly more than 1% of the produce. For example, if there are 100 oranges, one whole orange and a small part of a second orange are separated.
  3. A coin, which is valid currency in the country in which the redemption is performed, is designated for redemption. At the time of this writing, one nickel is sufficient.
  4. No blessing is recited because of the possibility (though remote) that terumah and maaser were separated in Israel.
  5. Terumah and maaser may not be separated on Shabbos and Yom Tov.
  6. It should be noted that while reciting this formula, neither the produce nor the separated portion should be moved, since the formula refers to designated locations.
  7. The following text is recited: ďAll separations of terumah and maaser and redemptions of Maaser Sheni and neta revai shall be effected in accordance with the text of the Chazon Ish.Ē
  8. The separated produce (the part which was more than 1%), and the designated coin are wrapped and discarded.

With wishes for a wonderful Shabbos.

Rabbi Zvi Romm
Weekday Davening Times

Earliest Tefilin: 6:17 AM
Latest Shema: 9:41 AM

~Daily Shacharis: 6:05, 7:30 & 8:30 AM

~Daily Mincha: 4:45 PM

~Daily Maariv: 5:30 PM

Nightly shiurim in Seforno beginning 5:00 PM
Dial-in number: 727 731 9922

Motzei Shabbos -- Zoom Shiur in Navi at 6:45 PM (New Time)

***Rabbi Horwitz shiurim- New Session Beginning***
Tuesday, September 8th

Torah Fund:
A contribution of $54 to the Torah Fund enables you to sponsor a daily shiur in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. This past week donations to the Torah Fund were made by:

~Larry & Arleen Soberman in memory of his father Harry Soberman
~The Rephun family in memory of Judith Pfeffer
~Chana Goldman in memory of her father Moshe ben Yaakov
~Dov & Raizel Goldman in memory of Fruma Sarah Silver
~Rochelle Rubin in memory of Judith Pfeffer
~Joel Bernstein & Gloria Goldenberg in honor of the birth of their grandson, Ayal Yonatan (Jonathan Ayal) son of Simon & Jordana Bernstein

Mazal Tovs:

~Ezra & Chavie Turkel on the engagement of their son Nosson Yehuda to Leeba Gerstel
~Raphael Moshe & Meira Katz on the birth of twin sons
~Aaron & Miriam Katz on the birth of twin grandsons, sons of Raphael Moshe & Meira Katz
~Arnold & Helen Pfeffer on the birth of twin great-grandsons, sons of Raphael Moshe & Meira Katz

Upcoming Events:

***We Now accept Chase Quick Pay -- ***

The 2021 membership campaign is underway. The $250 can be paid thru Chase Quick Pay ( or thru our secure payment portal


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Contact our synagogue representative, Robert Lunzer at 212-446-5835 or or visit for current offerings. Member FINRA

Good Shabbos,

Zvi David Romm, Rabbi
Yosef Peretz, President