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Rabbi Singer zt"l


Bialystoker Synagogue Shabbos Announcements
Shabbos V'Eschanan - Shabbos Nachamu
July 31st - August 7h 2020
10th - 17th Av 5780

Candles: 7:54 PM (not before 6:42 PM)
Mincha-Kabbalas Shabbos-Maariv: 6:30, 7:15, 8:00 PM

Shabbos Day
Shacharis: 7:00 and 9:15 AM
Mincha: 6:00 and 6:45 PM
Sunset: 8:11 PM
Maariv and Shabbos Ends: 9:01 PM

Rav's Message

Dear Friends,

This evening, after Tisha B'Av ends, we are still prohibited from eating meat, drinking wine, and listening to music until 1:02 PM on Friday; the Beis HaMikdash mostly burned on the tenth of Av and we therefore observe a degree of mourning on that day as well. Other prohbitions like haircuts and laundry are lifted immediately after the fast ends, provided that the haircutting or laundry is done for the honor of Shabbos. Thus, one doing laundry should be sure that at least some of the load contains items which will be used for Shabbos.

There are two worthy causes which we traditionally raise funds for during this time of year: The Rabbinical Seminary of America (Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim) and the Hesder Yeshivot in Israel.

As we are deliberately attempting to keep our services shorter, we will not have an extended appeal in Shul for either cause. We encourage you to donate to each cause online. This is far easier in the current climate than sending in checks.

For Chofetz Chaim, you can donate at -- Please make a note that it is part of the Bialystoker appeal.

For the Yeshivot Hesder, you can donate at -- As in previous years, the donations are distributed through the Religious Zionists of America.

With wishes for a wonderful Shabbos,

Rabbi Zvi Romm
Weekday Davening Times

Earliest Tefilin: 4:59 AM
Latest Shema: 9:28 AM

Daily Shacharis: 6:00 (M-F), 7:30, 8:30 AM
Daily Mincha: 7:50 PM
Daily Maariv: 8:35 PM

Weekly Shiurim- Nightly, 8:05 until 8:35 PM.
Sunday, Monday -- Ramban on the Parsha
Tuesday and Wednesday -- Pirkei Avos
Thursday -- Drasha on the Parsha
The shiurim are given in Shul between Mincha and Maariv. They can also be accessed live by calling 725 735 9648.

Torah Fund:
A contribution of $54 to the Torah Fund enables you to sponsor a daily shiur in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. This past week donations to the Torah Fund were made by:

~Norman & Pearl Wiesen in memory of her mother Rose Borenstein , Ruchel Yitta bas Leib HaKohen

Mazal Tovs:


Shabbos Youth Groups - CANCELLED

Children ages 3-12 are invited to join us for stories, snacks and davening:
  1. Ages 3-6 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  2. Boys ages 7-12 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  3. Girls ages 7-12 from 10:30 until Shul is over.
Upcoming Events:

***We Now accept Chase Quick Pay -- ***

The 2020 membership campaign is underway. The $250 can be paid thru Chase Quick Pay ( or thru our secure payment portal

Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and follow the guidelines below:

  • No one will be turned away at any time
  • All adults and children can pick up multiple meals at one time
  • No dining space is available, so meals must be eaten off premises
  • Parents and guardians may pick up meals for their children
  • No registration or ID required

  • P.S. 134 Henrietta Szold 293 East Broadway,10002


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Contact our synagogue representative, Robert Lunzer at 212-446-5835 or or visit for current offerings. Member FINRA

Good Shabbos,

Zvi David Romm, Rabbi
Yosef Peretz, President