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Rabbi Singer zt"l


Bialystoker Synagogue
Shabbos Announcement -Parshas Vayeitzei
           8th -15th of Kislev 5776
    November 20th -27th 2015

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Earliest Tefillin:

5:56 AM


Latest Shema:



Mincha 4:20 PM

Maariv 5:05 PM


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Bikur Cholim of the East Side is looking for volunteers who can help drive. If you have anytime to volunteer, even if just on occasion, please contact Rochel 212-420-0628.
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Friday Night


Candles: 4:15 PM

Mincha: 4:25PM

Shabbos Day 

Shacharis: 7 & 9 AM

Rabbi Romm's Shabbos Shiur: 3:30 PM

Daf Yomi: 3:15 PM

Mincha: 1:30 & 4:00 PM  

Maariv & Shabbos Ends: 5:24 PM 



1st Minyan: Henry Shapiro in commemoration of the yahrtzeit of his mother Maryam bas Elchonon


2nd Minyan:


Shalosh Seudos: Irwin & Chana Goldman in commemoration of the yahrtzeit of her mother Sima bas Avroham HaLevi

Rav's Message
While we are saddened and outraged by any act of terror, the murder of 18-year-old Ezra Schwartz HY"D in Gush Etzion this week hits home in a very personal way.  Most of us can identify with this American student, studying at Yeshivat Ashreinu following his graduation from Maimonides in Boston.  We see in him ourselves and our own children and grandchildren; his murder brings the scourge of anti-Semitic terrorism a little bit closer to home.

On a political level, we need to impress on the American government that it needs to respond forcefully to the murder of an American citizen studying abroad.  As of this writing, the official silence is deafening and unacceptable.

On a spiritual level, we can draw some strength form this week's Parsha of Vayeitzei.  The Parsha describes how Yaakov, despite all odds, managed to grow his flock of sheep from a paltry few to a large flock.  The Torah spends quite a bit of space describing this unusual growth of Yaakov's flock.  The Torah is providing us an eternal message:  The Jewish people are like Yaakov's flock.  On the surface, it may seem unlikely that the flock will grow, but we have confidence that G-d watches over us and enables us to increase and prosper.

We yearn to see that day when the Jewish "sheep" need no longer fear the "wolves" .....

Rabbi Zvi Romm 

Torah Fund
A contribution of $54 to the Torah Fund enables you to sponsor a daily shiur in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. This past week donations to the Torah Fund were made by:
~Larry & Arleen Soberman in memory of her father Morris Preiss
~Yaakov Pollak in memory of his father Eliyahu Pollak
~Martin & Karen Wolfson in memory of her mother Miriam Suss, Miriam bas R' Chaim Yosef
~Norman & Pearl Wiesen in honor of the birth of their grandson, a son to Etan & Dina Wiesen
~Murray Tannenholtz in memory of his wife Ruth Tannenholtz

Mazal Tov
~Rabbi Zvi & Shira Romm on the bas mitzvah of their daughter Miriam
~Harry & Judith Pfeffer on the bas mitzvah of their granddaughter Miriam Romm
~Rabbi J Leonard & Diane Romm on the bas mitzvah of their granddaughter Miriam Romm




Shabbos Youth Groups

Children ages 3-12 are invited to join us for stories, snacks and davening:

  1. Ages 3-6 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  2. Boys ages 7-12 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  3. Girls ages 7-12 from 10:30 until Shul is over.
Bnos of the East Side (Girls in K-6th grades)


At the Bialystoker Shul from 2:40 - 3:50 PM 



Pirchei of the East Side (boys in grades 1-8)



Weekly Shiurim

  1. Rav Singer Chevra Mishnayos Shiur: Daily between Mincha & Maariv.
  2. Mishna Berura Yomis: Daily after Maariv.
  3. Daf Yomi by Rabbi Fishelis: Sun - Thu at 8:00 PM.
  4. Medrash Koheles: Sunday mornings, 7:45 AM
  5. Women's Shiur in Tehillim: Monday night 8:00
  6. Rabbi Romm's NEW Shem MiShmuel Shiur for men & and women: Wednesday night after Maariv


 Upcoming Events 
Sunday, November 22nd, 7:30 PM: Neshei Agudah of the Lower East Side presents its annual "Chinese Auction and Chanukah Boutique." "prizes a fabulous time  !!!"
Venue: Orenstein building, 15-17 Bialystoker Place.
Info/sponsorships: Malkie (212)260-3770; or Fran
All proceeds go to tzedakah.

Thursday, November 26th, 9:30 AM:  Legal holiday breakfast and shiur given by Rabbi Yaakov Shulman, Rav, Congregation Talmud Torah of Flatbush:  "Don't Sleep on it:  the Laws of Paying Workers On Time."

Sunday, December 6th, 3-5 PM: Bialystoker Youth Department Chanukah Chagiga-- Chinese Buffet, Bubble Show, Arts & Crafts, Donuts & More.
EARLY bird: $36 family/$15 per person (PAID by December 1st)
After December 1st $54 family/$20 per person. You can pay online. Please indicate the payment is for the chagiga or you can mail it to the shul: 7-11 Bialystoker Place, NYC 10002  

Good Shabbos,

Zvi David Romm, Rabbi

Shlomo Hagler, President



For any announcements that you would like to include for Shabbos, please have the information called or e-mailed to the shul NO LATER than 11:00 AM on Thursdays.