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Rabbi Singer zt"l


Bialystoker Synagogue Shabbos Announcements
Shabbos Parshas Yisro
February 17th -24th 2017
Shevat 21st - 28th 5777
Friday Night:
Candles: 5:15 PM
Mincha: 5:25 PM

Shabbos Day:
Shacharis: 7 & 9 AM
Mincha: 1:30 & 5:05 PM
Rabbi Romm's Shiur: 4:05 PM
Daf Yomi: 4:05 PM
Maariv & Shabbos Ends: 6:25 PM


1st Minyan:

2nd Minyan:

Shalosh Seudos: In honor of the Shabbos morning corner learning group

Weekday Davening Times

Sunday: 6:15, 7, 7:45, 8:30 & 9:15 AM
Monday: 6, 6:50, 7:45, 8:30 & 9:15 AM
Tuesday: 6:15, 7, 7:45 & 8:30 AM
Wednesday: 6:15, 7, 7:45 & 8:30 AM
Thursday: 6, 6:50, 7:45 & 8:30 AM
Friday: 6:15, 7, 7:45 & 8:30 AM

Earliest Tefilin: 5:44 AM
Latest Shema: 9:22 AM

Mincha: 5:25 PM
Maariv: 6:10 PM

Rav's Message

Parshas Yisro is arguably one of the most central Parshiyos in the Torah, focusing as it does on the spectacular event of the revelation of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Interestingly, it is also one of the shorter Parshiyos, "clocking in" at a "mere" 72 verses.

The message, I think, is that length is not necessarily a sign of profundity. It is possible, and perhpas even desirable, to convey spectcular ideas with brevity.

Heeding my own advice, I will sign off.

With wishes for a wonderful Shabbos,

Rabbi Zvi Romm

Torah Fund:
A contribution of $54 to the Torah Fund enables you to sponsor a daily shiur in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. This past week donations to the Torah Fund were made by:

~Jac & Jodi Zagoory in memory of her father Max Goodelman
~Joseph & Heather Ahram in memory of her mother Sadie Jessie Chait
~Joel Bernstein & Gloria Goldenberg in memory of her mother Hortense Goldenberg
~Elliot & Debby Caplan in memory of her grandfather Binyamin Berel Dov
~Rabbi Yisroel & Geri Gantz in memory of his father Yosef Shlomo ben Mordechai

Shabbos Youth Groups

Children ages 3-12 are invited to join us for stories, snacks and davening:
  1. Ages 3-6 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  2. Boys ages 7-12 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  3. Girls ages 7-12 from 10:30 until Shul is over.

Weekly Shiurim
  1. Rav Singer Chevra Mishnayos Shiur: Daily between Mincha & Maariv.
  2. Mishna Berura Yomis: Daily after Maariv.
  3. Daf Yomi by Rabbi Fishelis: Sun - Thu at 8:00 PM.
  4. Daf Yomi by Rabbi Yechezkel Rosenbaum: Sun 6:45 AM, Mon-Fri 6:00 AM.
  5. Medrash Koheles: Sunday morning 7:45 AM
  6. Women's Shiur: Sunday at 10:15 AM
  7. Rabbi Romm's Ibn Ezra Shiur: THURSDAY nights following Mincha
Upcoming Events:

Motzei Shabbos, Febuary 18th : The annual Young Israel concert will take place at Seward Park high school 350 Grand street . The performers will be Mordechai Shapiro and Eli Marcus. For information and to make reservations please call 212 460 9450, or email:, or purchase tickets here

Monday, February 20th, 9:30AM: Legal Holiday Shiur, Rabbi Dr. David Horwitz will be speaking on "The Blind and Seeing - impaired in Halacha"

Sunday, February 26th, 5-7 PM: Bialystoker Youth Department Pre-Purim Party. Join us for a wild adventure. $15 per person; $45 per household. Click here for flier

Motzei Shabbos, March 4th : LES Mikvah Melavah Malka, click here for prize booklet and more info

Friday, June 9th - Sunday, June 11th : Scholar-in-residence weekend with Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Sisterhood Events:

Monday, February 20th, 7:45PM : We will be hosting the owner & chef of Le Marias Restaurant for a cooking demonstration. $18 per person Must RSVP and PAY by February 5th to attend! RSVP to Bialystokersisterhood@
Jose Meirelles, the owner of Le Marais, will be visiting Bialystoker with his chef Mark Hennessey in order to give a demonstration from their new cookbook. They will tell the story of how they got invested in the kosher restaurant business, and how they adopted the recipes they knew best to the laws of Kashrus.

Good Shabbos,

Zvi David Romm, Rabbi
Yosef Peretz, President