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Rabbi Singer zt"l


Bialystoker Synagogue
Shabbos Announcement -Shabbos Vayechi
15th - 22nd of Teves 5777
January 13th - 20th 2017

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Earliest Tefillin:

6:18 AM

Latest Shema:

9:41 AM

Mincha 4:40 PM

Maariv 5:25 PM

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Bikur Cholim of the East Side is looking for volunteers who can help drive. If you have anytime to volunteer, even if just on occasion, please contact Rochel 212-420-0628.
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Friday Night

Candles: 4:32 PM

Mincha: 4:42 PM

Shabbos Day
Shacharis: 7 & 9 AM
Daf Yomi: 3:20 PM
Mincha: 1:30 & 4:20 PM
Rabbi Romm's Shiur: 3:30 PM
Maariv & Shabbos Ends: 5:42 PM

1st Minyan:
2nd Minyan:
Shalosh Seudos:
PLEASE NOTE: All sponsorships MUST be confirmed with Aviva or Hondo (before you make any personal food order please speak with Hondo)

Rav's Message

Dear Friends,

This Shabbos we partner with the National Association of Chevra Kadisha and over 400 synagogues nationwide in participating in TEAM Shabbos, a special Shabbos dedicated to promoting the halachic perspective on end-of-life issues and the value of life.

In line with that goal, I share with you an important message from Rabbi Dr. Shnayer Leiman, a noted historian. The historic Jewish cemetery in Vilna is in danger of being disturbed by a new convention center to be built over the cemetery. I share a link to sign a petition asking the Lithuanina government to build the center elsewhere, which I urge you to sign ASAP, as well as Dr. Leiman's impassioned words:

I don't ordinarily get involved in signing petitions, but this is a matter that cries out for protest against the massive desecration that is about to take place. I'm sure you know that the Lithuanian government has announced plans to build a new convention center over the Old Jewish Cemetery of Vilna. Although the Vilna Gaon's remains were removed from the Old Jewish Cemetery, the remains of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Jews are still buried in the Old Jewish cemetery. These include the remains of some of the greatest rabbis, Jewish martyrs, and pious women through the centuries, including R. Moshe Rivkes (d. 1671-2), author of the Be'er Ha-Golah on the Shulhan Arukh; R. Zelmele (i.e., R. Shlomo Zalman, d. 1788), brother of R. Hayyim of Volozhin and favorite disciple of the Vilna Gaon; R. Shmuel b. R. Avigdor (d. 1793), last Chief Rabbi of Vilna; R. Avraham b. Ha-Gra (d. 1809) ; the Ger Zedek of Vilna (d. 1749), whose remains were not removed from the Old Jewish cemetery (despite claims otherwise); and Traina (date of death unknown), mother of the Vilna Gaon; Chanah, first wife of the Vilna Gaon (d. 1782); and Gitel, second wife of the Vilna Gaon, who apparently outlived the Gaon (precise date of death unknown). Virtually every Jew who died in Vilna before the year 1831 was, in fact, buried in the Old Jewish Cemetery.
The petition does not call for the Lithuanian government to cancel plans for building a new convention center (funded largely by the EU). It simply asks that it be built at a different location in Vilnius - which can easily be done.
A wonderful Vilna resident, Ruta Bloshtein, a shomer shabbos woman who bakes challah for members of the Vilna kehillah every erev Shabbos, has taken upon herself the responsibility of spearheading this write-in campaign. She started some three weeks ago and has about 250 signatories so far. She needs at least 1000 signatures; if she doesn't get them it will be a Chillul Ha-Shem even beyond the destruction of the Jewish cemetery itself. It will be a signal to the Lithuanian government that Jews neither care nor count. If she gets 3000 signatures, the political authorities will have little choice but to take the petition into account before making any hasty decision. She needs, and deserves, our help.
As we do what we can to preserve the final resting places of some of the outstanding figures in Eastern European Jewish history, let us pray that that incredible merit stand us in good stead.

With wishes for a wonderful Shabbos,

Rabbi Zvi Romm

Torah Fund
A contribution of $54 to the Torah Fund enables you to sponsor a daily shiur in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. This past week donations to the Torah Fund were made by:
~Aaron & Judy Mitrani in memory of his mother Rachel bas Haim
~Norman & Gila Dawidowicz in memory of her sister Tehilla Leah bas Tzvi Hersch

Mazal Tov
~Eddie & Allison Silver on the bar mitzvah of their son Nachum
~Shelly & Rosa Silver on the bar mitzvah of their grandson Nachum Silver
~Bertha Mandelkern on the bar mitzvah of her great grandson Nachum Silver



Shabbos Youth Groups

Children ages 3-12 are invited to join us for stories, snacks and davening:

  1. Ages 3-6 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  2. Boys ages 7-12 from 10:00 AM until Shul is over.
  3. Girls ages 7-12 from 10:30 until Shul is over.
Bnos of the East Side (Girls in K-6th grades)

At the Bialystoker Shul from 2:40 - 3:50 PM

Pirchei of the East Side (boys in grades 1-8)

At MTJ - 145 East Broadway, 6:30 PM.

For more Pirchei information click here

Weekly Shiurim

  1. Rav Singer Chevra Mishnayos Shiur: Daily between Mincha & Maariv.
  2. Mishna Berura Yomis: Daily after Maariv.
  3. Daf Yomi by Rabbi Fishelis: Sun - Thu at 8:00 PM.
  4. Daf Yomi by Rabbi Yechezkel Rosenbaum: Sun 6:45 AM, Mon-Fri 6:00 AM.
  5. Medrash Koheles: Sunday morning 7:45 AM
  6. Women's Shiur: Sunday at 10:15 AM
  7. Rabbi Romm's Ibn Ezra Shiur: Wednesday nights following Mincha

Mishmar learning in memory of Morris & Beth Faitelewicz and Yehuda Bayme takes place on Thursday nights, following 10:10 PM Maariv at the East Side Torah Center

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, January 17th, 9 PM: Rabbi Yitzchok Lichtenstein Shiur on the topic
"Bishul Akum"
Shabbos, February 10-11th: Scholar-in-residence
Motzei Shabbos, Febuary 18th: The annual Young Israel concert will take place at Seward Park high school 350 Grand street . The performers will be Mordechai Shapiro and Eli Marcus. For information and to make reservations please call 212 460 9450, or email:, or purchase tickets here
Motzei Shabbos, March 4th: LES Mikvah Melavah Malka, more details to follow



Monday, February 13th, 7:45PM: We will be hosting the owner & chef of Le Marias Restaurant for a cooking demonstration.
$18 per person
Must RSVP and PAY by February 5th to attend!
RSVP to Bialystokersisterhood@
Jose Meirelles, the owner of Le Marais, will be visiting Bialystoker with his chef Mark Hennessey in order to give a demonstration from their new cookbook. They will tell the story of how they got invested in the kosher restaurant business, and how they adopted the recipes they knew best to the laws of Kashrus.

Good Shabbos,

Zvi David Romm, Rabbi

Yosef Peretz, President


For any announcements that you would like to include for Shabbos, please have the information called or e-mailed to the shul NO LATER than 11:00 AM on Thursdays.