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Rabbi Singer zt"l




Some ninety people joined us at the Bialystoker Synagogue on Friday night, December 16, 2005 for a unique Shabbat Learning Experience.  Enjoying an elaborately catered meal, the group relaxed and socialized while participating in the traditional Shabbat rituals.  For many, it was their first time in many years – or at all -- that they had experienced Shabbat.  The warmth of that evening created a small but potent taste of Shabbat’s unique power.

Most of the evening’s participants would not describe themselves as Orthodox Jews.  No matter.  Our firm belief at the Bialystoker is that one need not be Orthodox to benefit from the powerful sense of community, spirituality, and meaning which permeate our unabashedly Orthodox synagogue.  Our stated mission is to provide meaningful religious and cultural experiences to all the Jewish residents of our neighborhood, regardless of their personal level of religious observance. 


To all those who joined us that Friday night – we are so happy that you decided to join us, and we look forward to strengthening the bonds of friendship which were forged that evening.  To those who did not attend – we hope to meet you soon at our upcoming events.

In response to many requests, we are currently in the process of creating classes and seminars to illuminate the basics of Judaism for those who want to bring a little more Jewish content into their daily lives.  Watch our website for more information.


True, you may not be Orthodox.  But our doors are still wide open.


Rabbi Zvi Romm  

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