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Rabbi Singer zt"l



The Bialystoker co-hosted a Kinnus Teshuva (Special lecture concerning repentance) on the afternoon of Tzom Gedalya together with the East Side Torah Center's Kollel Bais Simcha Aharon. Both Rabbi Romm and Rabbi Chaim Packer of ESTC presented thoughts on the fast days, especially Tzom Gedalya, and their unique role in encouraging Teshuva. 

We had the privilege to host a guest lecturer, Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottleib, a Bostoner Chassid and PhD in mathematical logic from Brandeis University, who is a long-time instructor in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. Rabbi Dr. Gottleib spoke movingly about the seemingly illogical nature of Teshuva and urged the audience to "think small" and take gradual steps in the pursuit of spiritual rehabilitation. 

Thanks to Rabbi Dovid Sandel for organizing the event which deeply inspired the scores who attended.

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